Buying Gold

Many people buy gold to protect their wealth or as a mechanism to counteract inflation. According to the World Gold Council (WGC), gold has a good track record globally as an investment vehicle and as a safeguard for wealth.

To buy gold, it is recommended to have some basic knowledge about said metal, and be familiar with its different presentations, and levels of purity/carats, among others. However, many people want to take advantage of less experienced people, especially when they are buying gold for the first time. Here are some safety tips for buying and safekeeping gold: 

Buy In Official Stores

It is recommended to buy gold in official stores, since in this way we will have the guarantee that the gold we are buying is authentic and legal, in addition to the fact that we will have the security that there will be no unscrupulous people who want to scam or rob us.

When buying in an official store we will have proof of payment, which will be useful to prove our ownership of the gold piece or make national/international trips transporting said gold piece.

Go Accompanied And Use Safe Routes

If we are going to buy gold in a physical store, it is recommended that another person accompany us, since in this way we can be alert to any situation that may arise, in addition to the fact that a second person will be more dissuasive for criminals (who prefer a focus on single people).

Another factor that we must take into account is the means and route of transport, for example, if we travel with our vehicle or use a recognized taxi service (from an agency) we can have more guarantee during our trip, while if we travel in a taxi public (that we find on the street) or use public transport, we will run a greater risk of having our new piece of gold stolen from us.

Be Discreet

Discretion is essential when buying gold, it is not advisable to tell anyone that we are investing or buying gold. While we can trust some people, we must keep in mind that not everyone will go to the trouble of being discreet about it. For example, we can have a trusted friend and tell him that we “have” or are going to buy gold, but said friend may tell his partner (who can tell his best friend) until the news reaches an unscrupulous person who could have the objective of defrauding or stealing from us.

Keep Your Gold In A Safe Place

It is important to store the gold in a safe and suitable place. One of the most used tools for this purpose is safes, which are used in different environments, from home to professional, reaching high-security standards, both in banks and in official organizations. governmental.

In the domestic sphere, you can choose between basic models of safes, which have little weight and volume, to more advanced models, which consist of heavier boxes with a higher level of security. However, we must bear in mind that if we want to keep gold in our home, discretion will be our best ally.

Require Invoice or Receipt

If possible, an invoice or proof should be required when buying gold, since it is the only way to legitimize our ownership of the jewelry, coins, or gold bars that we acquire. Invoices are also useful when traveling, declaring, or paying taxes since they allow you to demonstrate the purchase value of the gold piece. It is important to mention that there is also the possibility of making a gold purchase anonymously, to protect our identity, however, the problem is that the buyer must be trusted a lot and that certain limits or amounts cannot be exceeded. In these cases, it is safest to go to a gold shop but buy it in small amounts without exceeding the legal limit.